Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a subscriber?
We’ll announce when we have open availability for new customers, so make sure you subscribe to our emails for updates! If you’re super eager, email us at to be put on our waitlist. Once subscriptions become available, our tiny team reaches out and adds folks onboard.

I don’t really like X vegetables, can you make sure I don’t get any in my bag?
As of now, we cannot customizable bags to exclude specific one-off items.  We can count on one hand how many people operate Pivot Direct! But as we slowly grow, we hope our resources will allow for more of those features!

What if I don’t want to receive vegetables anymore? Am I locked into a whole season?
You’re able to cancel your subscription at any point.  Log into your account to manage your subscription.  

My financial situation has changed, can I still get vegetables?
The pandemic has truly exposed a need for our basic rights of food, shelter, and safety so we here at Pivot want to help when we can! Thanks to other community-minded Tucson members who are able to donate monetary funds, we utilize that to offset our operational cost and be able to provide a “no-cost” subscription model! Those slots are limited, so email us at to let us know what you need.  

What happens when I am on vacation, or am unexpectedly away for a week?

Emergencies happen and we won’t let your produce go to waste! Simply email us at with your name and the delivery/pick up date you want to either cancel or have donated!

You are able to place your subscription on HOLD. Simply, log into your account > click onto your subscription > CREATE HOLD. From there you can specify the dates in which you’d like to -not- receive a produce bag.

If you miss your window to place your subscription on hold (10 days before the new period), email us directly at with your name and the delivery/pick up date you want to either cancel or have donated!

I forgot to pick up my bag this week! What happens now?
Have no fear, your veggies did -not- go to waste! We donate left bags as well as our excess veggies to other mutual aid organizations like Tucson Food Share or Tucson Food Not Bombs :)

I want to meal prep or make pickles, how will I know what is coming in the bag?
YES! We’re here for you! Make sure you receive our weekly emails to find our “What’s in the bag?” 

I or someone I know… makes this really amazing product that would be perfect for your add-on store!
We love to about it! Email us at with info and we will reach out.

It’s hot out! Aren’t my vegetables and Add Ons going to go bad on my porch?
It sure is! If you have a specific location away from the sun you can add those notes to your account under “Order Notes” and “Delivery Notes”. During the summer we encourage our customers to leave a cooler out on delivery days.

I ordered X Add-On but it didn’t come in my bag!?!?
Oh no! As great as we are, we DO make mistakes! Email us at to receive credit on your account. We’re so sorry about that, but we’ll do a 2nd quality check on your next bag!

If I choose to donate a bag, who receives it?
Our partner organizations, IRC Tucson, Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, and La Frontera, identify individuals and families who need weekly food assistance. The bag these households receive looks the same as yours.

Who is Onda Guey?
Onda Guey is our delivery partner. They are a local logistics company delivering everthing from tacos to legal documents in and around Tucson.
Deliveries are exclusively handled by Onda Güey Courier, a vetted collective of Tucson’s most trusted and competent professional couriers, with over 20 years experience delivering throughout Tucson.

Yes! We listened to your want for a bi-weekly produce option! So what does that mean?
You can now have the option to have your subscription either on the 1st & 3rd week of the month or the 2nd & 4th week of the month depending on your location! 

Terms of Service

Each order you place is a legally enforceable contract. If you fail to pickup your order, you are still obligated to pay for the items you order.

We will inspect and pack all orders prior to distribution. In the event that product gets damaged during packing, we will provide a store credit to the customer, provided that the damaged goods are returned.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality produce, and we require our producer to deliver market-grade products. The customer understands that since our farmers do not use pesticides or herbicides, fruits and vegetables may not look "perfect".