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Westover Farm
City: Tucson, AZ,
About Us
Westover Farm is a diversified, regenerative, organic vegetable growing operation in Tucson, Arizona. Westover is situated near the Pantano Wash on about ¼ acre of beautiful desert land owned by Rattlebox Farm. The mission of the farm is to grow nutritious produce to nourish and serve the Tucson community. Additionally, the values of responsible land stewardship, empowering the next generation of farmers, and providing food to underserved communities are interwoven in all work of the farm.

The name Westover is a nod to my “Opa” and dad, who has always called me “the daughter-of-the-son-of-a-nurseryman.” Don Andrews (my “Opa” or grandfather) owned and operated a retail nursery business called Westover Greenhouses in St. Louis, Missouri. Opa was known for his love of people and plants. My dad grew up around the business and many of his fondest memories were formed in the vintage glass Westover greenhouses. Today I am honored to carry on the family legacy and name in Arizona.

Westover Farm sells veggies, herbs, and flowers through a CSA, wholesale, and farmers markets. For more information about receiving a weekly or bi-weekly share from the farm, email Sarah at