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Bonita Bean Company
Address: 7750 S. Kansas Settlement Rd. Willcox, Az, 85643
About Us
The Bonita Bean Company

Our name, Bonita Bean is a tribute to the small hamlet of “Bonita”, a Spanish word meaning “beautiful”. A village established in 1872 Bonita is located in the Sulphur Springs Valley, surrounded by the Pinaleno, Galiuro, & Winchester Mountain Ranges.

A valley rich in history and in agriculture, where the footsteps of the famous Indian Chief Cochise, Colonel Henry C. Hooker, the Earp Brothers, and Billy the Kid still linger, but is now home to Bonita Bean’s finest bean fields. Bonita, a “beautiful” jewel in the high desert where rich soil, pristine waters and ideal climate provide the perfect environment to grow pinto beans that are second to none.

Bonita Bean Company has been processing locally grown pinto beans since 1997. Our growers dot the Sulphur Springs valley from the north end in Bonita, to the Kansas Settlement in the center of the valley, where our bean plant is located, to the southernmost point near Elfrida, close to the border of Mexico.

Grown locally, our beans are also processed locally in our Kansas Settlement bean plant. Here, our beans are triple cleaned and processed to the highest quality standards in the industry. Locally grown and processed insures our promise of the freshest pinto bean in the marketplace. A commitment to quality is paramount to us at Bonita Bean. From production to processing to delivery, we believe our customers deserve superior, naturally produced pinto beans.

At Bonita Bean Company we are proud to be American Farmers, promoting agriculture and producing the highest quality food for the American public, and the world.