Desert Pearl Mushrooms
City: Tucson, AZ,
About Us
Desert Pearl Mushrooms started as an idea in 2018 in the head of founder Jorge Sepulveda. He had a dream to grow and sell fresh mushrooms to the Tucson community. Jorge started experimenting with growing techniques in the fall, enlisting the help of his friend Laura Brehm with selling mushrooms at local farmers’ markets and to local restaurants. Together, they started growing the business until 2019 when friends Kris Savage, Trevor Mock, and John De Lorenzo joined the mix. In one year, they went from producing 5 pounds per week to 200 pounds per week of fresh mushrooms.

While our goal is to grow and sell beautiful tasty mushrooms, we are also very passionate about learning and research. We aI’m to help the development of mushroom growing infrastructure in the USA and to find new and improved sustainable methods for growing mushrooms.