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High Energy Agriculture
Contact: Anne Lotfield
City: Marana, Az,
Phone: 520-440-6100
About Us
Why would anyone want to be a farmer in the middle of the desert? The heat, the drought, the sudden freezes, the critters, and the wind might discourage most from attempting this vigorous industry. When a little research illuminated the depressing state of food production and the typical diet in America, Greg McGoffin was shocked to discover how factory farms are not only producing nutrient deficient food but harming our environment on a grand scale. What could one person do to remedy the situation? Many groups are working to change social and political conditions which encourage and promote healthy food production; these groups are vital but cumbersome for Greg who is an action kind of guy. If he can’t change current farm technology, at least he can feed his family and his neighbors by growing nutrient dense vegetables.
Certified Naturally Grown