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About Us
Your microgreens provider Thrive and Grow Farms is proud to present their new regenerative freeze dried food brand, Truly Regenerative! For those of you who follow Thrive and Grow Farms, you may already know that their mission is to support local farmers who use regenerative farming practices. This is how Truly Regenerative was born! A new food brand that helps farmers reduce waste and increase profits by providing them with an additional pathway to the marketplace through shelf stable agriculture products. Thank you for supporting your local regenerative farmers!

The first Truly Regenerative product is now available to you. Freeze dried local regenerative organic apples! Unlike other drying and preserving processes, freeze drying maintains almost all of the nutrients, flavor, and visual appeal of fresh foods. We feel confident that these crisp, delicious organic apples will be the best you've ever had. Loved by children and adults alike. Limited small batch sizes, and seasonal. Enjoy!