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Aravaipa Orchard & Inn
Address: 89395 E Aravaipa Rd Winkelman, AZ, 85192
Phone: 520-405-4094
About Us
Nourished by the Arizona sunshine and pristine water derived from the spring-fed creek that transects our land, the original orchard was planted some 50 years ago by landowner, Bill Farney.

Much of the orchard is planted with young fruit trees with the exception of a few old apricot and pecan trees and a mature stand of Asian pears, Hasui and Ya Li. You’ll see them growing at the orchard’s south end. The orchard’s north side bears two varieties of apricots, six varieties of peaches, apriums and apples. Elsewhere on our grounds, you’ll find trees dripping with navel oranges, Valencia oranges, pink and ruby red grapefruits, Meyer lemons, Lisbon lemons, Mexican limes, Mission figs, golden figs, and pomegranates.
Organic Practices, Non-Certified