Sky Island Spice Co.
Address: 4203 E Camino De Palmas Tucson , AZ, 85711
Phone: 520-409-7708
About Us
Sky Island Spices
Inspired by the sensations and flavors of the sky islands of the desert southwest. Chad Borseth grew up in rural Southern Arizona, roaming the hills, learning about the plants, picking up clues to what was edible, such as mesquite and Emory acorns. He started Sky Island Spice Company in 2019 to introduce others to some of the flavors unique to the Sonoran Desert. Because of the nature of wild supplies (that would be Mother Nature), Chad’s stock varies with the season. Through the year he will have granola made with acorns and mesquite, hot cocoa mix made with cacao and powdered mushrooms, and something he calls “nopaliditos,” salt-cured nopal or prickly pear pads. They are reminiscent of the saladitos beloved of Tucson kids. He adds flavor to our native chiltepines by smoking them over mesquite. Chad doesn’t confine himself to the desert; summer finds him in the pine forests looking for mushrooms and plants that grow in the higher altitudes.
-written by Carolyn Niethammer for Savor the Southwest