Common Ground Farm Collective
City: Tucson , AZ,
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About Us
Our mission is to steward land and water resources responsibly, grow food for our communities, provide access to farmland for farmers, and teach the next generation how to grow food and fiber sustainably. We see Buckelew Farm as a unique resource and opportunity to develop food businesses in our region without beginning farmers and ranchers assuming the risk and financial burden of purchasing land outright at market rates. Our vision is to create a model for farming that lowers the barrier to entry for farmers, supports the long term viability and success of their operations, and promotes care for and regeneration of the land, as well as conservation of water resources. If our small farm collective is able to establish a foothold at Buckelew and sustain itself, we think it will serve as an example to others about how to start farming on leased public or private land with less than average upfront capital expenses. Our cooperative model also allows for a level of mutual support, shared responsibility, and flexibility that is not possible with traditional owner-operator and family farm models.