Robb's Family Farm
City: Willcox, AZ,
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About Us
"Hi!! I'm Kathy Robbs. I am a transplanted “city girl”. I grew up in California and always had a desire to live in the country. I would have never dreamed that I would one day live in the desert…but I must admit…I love Arizona!

In 1990 we packed up our belongings, two small boys, and our dog, and began our journey to our new life in farming. Alan had known this life growing up, but for me, it was a complete adventure!

The first addition to our little homestead was my chicken coop. You just can’t live in the country without having your own chickens! In 1993 we celebrated the joyous arrival of our third son, Joram. Through the years we have accumulated goats, cows, horses, cats, and more dogs.

Raising a family in the country has many joys and challenges. The fresh air, beautiful sunsets, roosters crowing, hayrides, barn dances, picking fresh produce that you have watched to grow from a seed to maturity, eating from the bounty of your land, …and, oh yes, the hard work! Long hours, sweaty brows, calloused hands, smelly work clothes, tired muscles, and the injuries that sometimes occur (to people and animals). These experiences have enriched our lives. Our sons, Nick, Zack, and Joram, are now young adults. They are some of the toughest, hardest working men I know. They are so capable and seem to be able to do almost anything they set their minds to. We are so proud of and amazed by them! God has richly blessed our family!

The chickens and goats are mostly my responsibility, which includes gathering eggs, feeding, and milking. Thankfully, the boys help with medical and birthing emergencies. The cows and horses are their responsibilities. Alan and two of our boys, Zack and Joram, work on the farm. They can all do a variety of jobs.

Our cattle and horses have many acres of rangeland to graze on. They have plenty of room to wander and run. Our cattle are grass-fed, and supply our family and others with high-quality beef. Our chickens are free-range, meaning they are let out of their pen every morning to run freely about our property to eat plants and bugs throughout the day. We provide them with organic grain to help with healthy egg production. Our goats are fed alfalfa and oat hay, and also have the opportunity to graze on our property during the spring, summer, and fall months.

We are excited to have the chance to provide others in the community with our fresh produce and meats through area farmer’s markets.